Ala carte ( non vegetarian )

Served with rice

Chicken curry – $16.99

Chicken cooked in a fresh curry sauce made of onions, tomatoes and zest of lemon

Butter chicken – $17.99

(House Specialty) roasted boneless tandoori chicken in spices with tomatoes, butter and cream sauce

Lamb curry (Boneless) – $18.99

Juicy leg of lamb cooked in a rich cream sauce with raisins and cashews

Chicken tikka – $10.99

Boneless chicken pieces marinated in spices and roasted tandoori style

Goat curry (Bone In) – $18.99

Goat meat, curry, garam masala, red onions, diced tomatoes

Chicken Tikka Masala – $17.99

House Specialty! Roasted Bone-less Tandoori Chicken In Spices With Tomatoes, Butter, Onions, Green Peppers, And Cream Sauce.

Chicken Tikka Or Leg Quarters – $14.99

Boneless Chicken Pieces Or Leg Quarters Marinated In Spices And Roasted Tandoori Style.

Biryani – $16.99

Spiced Basmati Rice Flavored With Nuts And Raisins And Your Choice Of Meat.

Lamb Or Goat 1-$1.00
Shrimp +$2.00

Chicken Kormas – $17.99

Cooked In Almond & Raisins Sweet Cream Sauce

Saag Chicken – $16.99

Chicken Cooked In Creamy Fresh Spinach.

Chicken Vindaloo – $16.99

Chicken Cooked In Tangy Curry With Patatoes.

Lamb Korma – $19.99

Cooked In Almond Raisins Sweet Cream Sauce.

Lamb Madras – $18.99

Boneless Lamb Cooked With Curry Leaves And Coconut.

Lamb Vindaloo – $18.99

Boneless Iamb Cooked In Tangy Curry With Patatoes.

Shrimp Makhani Or Korma – $21.99

Cooked In Tomato Cream Sauce Or Korma Almond Sweet Cream Sauce With Raisins.

Lamb Tikka Masala – $18.99

Lamb Cooked With Onions & Green Peppers.

Shrimp Tikka Masala – $21.99
Shrimp Curry – $21.99
Shrimp Vindaloo – $21.99
Shrimp Madras – $21.99
Fish Curry – $21.99
Fish Vindallo – $21.99
Fish Madras – $21.99
Fish Tikka Masala – $21.99
Fish Makhani – $21.99