Ala carte (vegetarian dishes )

Served with rice

Dhal makhani – $14.99

Creamed lentils cooked with selected spices flavoured with herbs, tomatoes, butter and cream

Channa masala – $14.99

Chickpeas flavoured with a special blend of fresh aromatic spices

Vegetable korma – $16.99

Mixture of different vegetables sautéed in herbs and spices with onions, tomatoes, cream, almonds and raisins

Sag paneer – $15.99

Mixed vegetable masala cooked with authentic spices and chopped coriander

Mix vegetables – $14.99

Fried Indian cottage cheese cooked with creamed spinach and fresh aromatic spices

Paneer Makhani – $15.99

Paneer, cream, tomato paste, garam masala, ginger

Paneer Korma – $10.99

Paneer, star anise, poppy seeds, fresh coconut, garam masala powder

Mushroom Chilly – $15.99

Mushroom, soy sauce, corn flour, chilli sauce, ginger

Paneer Shahi Korma – $15.99

Fried cheese cubes cooked in creamy onion gravy with almonds and raisins.

Okra – $15.99

Cooked With Onions, Chaat Masa¬la & Spices.

Eggplant – $15.99

Cooked With Onions & Tomatoes.

Channa Saag – $15.99

Chickpeas Cooked With Spinach.

Malai Kofta – $16.99

Potato Cheese Balls In Cream Sauce.

Bombay Potatoes – $12.99

Chickpeas Cooked With Spinach.

Alu Gobi – $15.99

Cauliflower And Potatoes Cooked With Onions & Tomatoes.

Yellow Dal Tarka – $14.99

Lentils Tempered With Cumin, Gar¬lic & Ginger.

Channa Alu – $15.99

Chickpeas Cooked With Potatoes.

Alu Saag – $15.99

Chickpeas Cooked With Potatoes.

Alu Matar – $15.99

Potato Curry Cooked With Green Peas

Channa Makhani – $15.99

Chickpeas cooked in tomatoes and cream sauce.

Mushroom Tikka Maksala – $15.99

Cooked With Green Peppers And Onions.

Mushroom Korma – $16.99

Cooked In Curried Cream Sauce

Mushroom Matar – $15.99

Cooked In Curry Sauce With Green Peas.