Served with Chutney

Vegetable samosa – $4.99

Spiced potatoes and peas filled in homemade pastry

Onion pakora – $5.50

Chopped onions deep fried with spices in chickpea batter

Vegetable pakora – $5.99

Chopped spiach and deep fried with spices i chickpea batter.

Paneer pakora – $5.99

Homemade cheese deep fried in spiced chickpea batter

Chaat – $3.99

Crispy flour chips topped with potatoes and chickpea yogurt tamarind sauce

Samosa chaat – $7.99

Samosa topped with chaat and yogurt cucumber.

Channa bhatura – $9.99

Chole stands for a spicy curry made with white chickpeas and Bhatura is fried leavened flat bread.

Papardum ( 4)pieces – $3.99

2 Crisp lentil wafers lightly spiced served with onion chutney, mint and tamarind chutneys.

Mix vegetable appetizer – $7.99

(1 samosa, 2 onion pakoras 2 paneer pakora)

Chaat Papri – $6.99

Crispy flour chips tpped with ptatoes and chickpea yogurt tamarind sauce.